Why an online MBA?

Posted on 30/11/2009


Why an online MBA ?
As for any innovation, it takes time to be accepted and the acceptance rate differs from countries to countries. Roughly, online MBA are much better accepted in countries where:
.the offer of MBAs was inexistent or not satisfactory
. The knowledge of English is correct (as most online MBA programs are only available in English)
Outside of these considerations, why choosing an online MBA over a traditional one (part-time or full-time) ?
The answer is very simple: an online MBA is perfectly suited for people who do not have any other choice! Does it mean that an online MBA is a mere replacement for traditional ones? Not at all.
Let me give you one example: if you live in New York and have to go to Paris, here are some of the choices for you:
. you can take one of the cruise boats which takes 10 days and run several times per year
. you can decide to cross the Atlantic in your own boat if you have one, know how to sail in oceans and are ready to take the risks of bad weather, no wind,…
. you can decide to swim across the Ocean. You can spend a year or two training, find some sponsors to fund the associated costs, find a team to follow, buy the material and go… It should take you about 12 months if you are a good swimmer.
You can simply take a plane. If you will certainly choose this last solution, it’s because you have no other reasonable choice. For 99.9% of us, if we have to go from New York to Paris, the question won’t be “how do we make the trip?” but “which airline do we take?” It’s the same for an online MBA. For most of you, because you can’t commit to physical classes, even only several week-ends per year, an online MBA is the only choice. Then, the question should not be “why an online MBA?” but “Which online MBA”.
Having more than 10 years of experience teaching for several online MBAs, I will soon give you my opinion on the criteria you should consider when choosing your online MBA…

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