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Coming big bang for French Business Schools

January 25, 2015


This post is a translation from an article written by Olivier Basso, Associate Professor at CNAM and Thomas Durand, Professor of Strategic Management at CNAM and published in Les Echos on 23/01/2015 and available here: All rights reserved by the author and the publisher. This translation is only aimed at non-French readers who would […]

Profit, Not-for-profit higher education, why it should not matter.

August 19, 2014


There is a relatively constant and accepted view that higher education should be not-for-profit and that for profit institutions are necessarily bad. I always wondered why we have this specific view for higher education, largely endorsed by the media. One of the main reasons I think is that we consider education as a common good, […]

France Business School – What went wrong (so far)?

July 21, 2014


First, let’s start with disclaimers. I know that it is very easy to make judgments on past decisions, particularly when they look wrong and that the same people who criticize the strategic choices made by a business school, would be the same ones applauding them if they had been successful. Criticizing is easy, doing is […]

MOOCs, certainly a storm but how big is the tea cup?

April 24, 2013


This week’s front page of the University World News website features one ecstatic article on the development of MOOCs in Asia ( ) and one on Europe finally entering into the enlightened world of MOOCs ( ). By looking at the Google Trends graph on the acronym, MOOCs are certainly a much discussed topic. What’s […]

PISA, TIMSS and higher education, a missing link and a pending disaster for many countries?

January 18, 2013


The recent release of the TIMSS ranking (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Survey) generated as usual lots of articles on the “good” and “bad” education systems and how it can jeopardise the economy of a country. But is that really the case? I did a little exercise, using the PISA 2009 results (PISA is […]

Will this article shake the coconut tree of accreditations?

June 27, 2011


Today was published an article in the New York Times based on an interview of Thierry Grange, co-founder and Dean of Grenoble Ecole de Management, considered as one of the best Bschools in Europe( Thierry Grange is an eminent member of the board of AACSB. . As often with him, no diplomatic language but a […]


June 6, 2011


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