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Profit, Not-for-profit higher education, why it should not matter.

August 19, 2014


There is a relatively constant and accepted view that higher education should be not-for-profit and that for profit institutions are necessarily bad. I always wondered why we have this specific view for higher education, largely endorsed by the media. One of the main reasons I think is that we consider education as a common good, […]

MOOCs, certainly a storm but how big is the tea cup?

April 24, 2013


This week’s front page of the University World News website features one ecstatic article on the development of MOOCs in Asia ( ) and one on Europe finally entering into the enlightened world of MOOCs ( ). By looking at the Google Trends graph on the acronym, MOOCs are certainly a much discussed topic. What’s […]

Is higher education the last industry where the final customers (companies) are not paying? (a controversial post)

January 29, 2013


The short term aim of higher education is to provide graduates who will be ready to be employed by companies and organisations. As such, the final customer has never been the student but the companies. And outside of rare exceptions, companies are not directly paying for that. In light of the mounting debts for graduates […]

PISA, TIMSS and higher education, a missing link and a pending disaster for many countries?

January 18, 2013


The recent release of the TIMSS ranking (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Survey) generated as usual lots of articles on the “good” and “bad” education systems and how it can jeopardise the economy of a country. But is that really the case? I did a little exercise, using the PISA 2009 results (PISA is […]

Example of the absurdity of general university rankings: the Toulouse School of Economics

October 7, 2011


This is a translation from an article written in French by Jean-Claude Levandowski and published in Les Echos on Oct. 6th, 2011. ( Start of quote: Toulouse School of Economics Being immediately in international competition and be listed in the very first places: it is the ambition of the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE), the result of a spin-off from the University of Toulouse. The TSE is already ranked 11 th in the world (and the 3rd in Europe) […]

How to translate Value in Higher Education?

September 22, 2011


Recently, because of the questions raised both in the US and in UK on the outcomes of investing in university studies (see for example the Financial Times article on the OECD report: ), the concept of value has emerged in the discussion on the future of higher education. I think it is important to […]

French students going abroad to bypass selective entry exams

September 8, 2011


As presented by l’Etudiant, the French education magazine, more and more French students, thank to the rules of the European Union, are choosing foreign universities for disciplines where the entry exam in France is very competitive (original article in French: ) Two examples: Study medicine in Cluj, Romania Since 2007, the year of Romania’s […]